Tony Spampinato


Tai Chi, is a Chinese martial art known for its slow and intentional movements that has made it a popular form of movement used for self-defense, improving physical health and creating an overall self fulfillment. In addition, its gentle movement has gained practitioners world wide. Tai chi has multiple additional benefits for mental health, physical health and self-defense. Tai chi, also has been shared among other Chinese martial arts. It evolved into one of the most popular mind and body exercises in the world. Dowsing and Tai chi, have similarities in the use and manipulation of energies. Tai chi practice, as in dowsing trains the body and the mind’s sixth sense. Both practices go beyond the scope and power of the standard human physical senses in sensing and re-routing external and internal energies.

Tony is a master dowser and Martial Art instructor. He has 55 years of martial arts experience and competed in state Karate tournaments in all belt divisions. He has practiced karate for 50 years plus and Tai Chi for 30 years. He was also an assistant Karate coach at Cal Karate Club, University of California, Berkeley for 10 years. He trained at Kioday University, Kioto, Japan for Katate and Tai Chi at Victoria Park, Hong Kong. He has 30 years of experience being a Trainer for the State of California and was the Owner of a Sports Medicine Clinic, certified in acupressure, pilates and massage for 10 years. He started dowsing in 1995 with Harold McCoy, Walt Woods and Carl Bracy in Santa Cruz and his children became dowsers as well.