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MaryAnn & Steve Orsary

Founders @ Bioenergy Balancing

Working with the Peruvian Archetypes: Building Unseen Shamanic Support and Activating Power Connections

All my life I have instinctively known that that there is what is Above, what is Below, and what is all around us. It is so natural. Shamanic traditions recognize the Three Worlds and engage with the powers of animal allies. Based on the practices of the Q’ero people in Peru, you will learn about animal archetypes represented in the four cardinal directions around us and the guardians of the Lower, Middle and Upper Worlds. You will activate new power connections with them, learn how to use this to bring more stability and joy into your life, and deepen your knowledge and connection using dowsing methods and tools. These archetypes reflect the forces contained in the four elements, and connect with and correspond to our seven chakras. You will learn a simple ritual to call in their energetic presence, ground yourself, clear your chakras, and better focus the power intrinsically residing in these archetypes. This is basic shamanic work that can benefit anyone, regardless of your experience, and provide help in your daily life. This may seem mysterious, but it is very practical and approachable for anyone. Just as you have always known.

Does One Dowser Have All The Answers? Group Dowsing for Multiple Perspectives

There is a story about six blind monks who meet an elephant on the road.  Each one takes hold of the grand animal in a different spot and reports what s/he perceives. One grabs a tusk, another an ear, others the trunk, leg, tail, belly.  Each reports what they find. Is an elephant smooth and sharp; wide and flexible; lithe and dexterous; solid and strong, thin and fuzzy; or broad and leathery? They are all correct.  There is power and accuracy in each one’s unique perspective. And none have the full picture.

Group dowsing can offer different perspectives while dowsing the same questions, issues or health concerns. We will focus mostly on health concerns that people bring to the session, and ask for group participation in perceiving the nuanced range of people’s answers.  Put all of the monks’ perceptions together and you have a more complete vision.  Your voice matters.  Maybe you will find something that no one else does. (Likely so!) And someone else may perceive something you do not. Bring your pendulum or other dowsing tool and join the exploration!

Talking with Your Body

Compassionate Dowsing Conversations to Promote Healing

If your body could talk, what would it say? What would you ask it?  The body consciousness knows everything that is going on with it, and remembers everything that has ever happened to it. It has access to information that the conscious mind cannot see. It recognizes pictures of molecular diagrams and can say exactly where in the digestive process things might not be working as well as they might. It knows if neurotransmitters are being synthesized accurately, at what age they went offline and what the trauma or emotional disconnect might have been.

Using dowsing to ask questions about what is going on in the body yields treasure troves of information about causes, trigger points and resolutions. We will talk about how it works, address the different levels of consciousness within each person, offer practical examples, and do demonstrations working with volunteers who attend. Bring your questions, individual concerns, and participate in the healing process!

Steve and MaryAnn Orsary

Steve is a shamanic practitioner and healer who uses dowsing in his healing work. He has a strong connection to the spirits of nature, communes with the presence of Mount Tamalpais and leads hikes to power places there.

To provide deeper care for clients, MaryAnn became a licensed MFT and trained in the Hakomi method of somatic psychotherapy.  She brings warmth, sensitive listening skills, and deep intuitive perception to her work.

Both are Certified Bioenergy Balancing and Attunement practitioners. Steve and MaryAnn combine male and female representations of profound care and have been dowsing in their healing practice for over 35 years.


Contact Steve and MaryAnn at www.bioenergy-balancing.com ~  [email protected]  ~  415.924.6516