Sat., July 6th___MaryAnn & Steve Orsary___Working with Nature Spirits to Heal the Land Shamanic Practice of Anyone__Big Red

Working with Nature Spirits to Heal the Land: Shamanic Practice for Anyone

For many years, we have been walking our local mountain, helping to heal the land we love at the direction of local spirits. This has uplifted our healing practice, taught us many things, and brought enhanced peace to where we live. Nature Spirits are always with us, wherever we live. Even if the street is paved, the indigenous spirits of the land live above and below the asphalt. The energy beings of
the Earth, the plants and trees, Water, animals, Sun and Wind take care of us always, and we rightly return that care and live in harmony with them. But troubles can occur, due to the actions of humans or the interference of energies or beings that don’t belong. Using your dowsing tools and practices, you can clear and heal the land that you love and live upon. You can communicate directly with the living energy beings of an area, find places that need attention, and clear the energy, emotion, distortion or intrusion that create ill patterns in the land. In this talk, you will learn how this happens, how to find and clear problems, and methods to heal the land as a resident caretaker. Bring your pendulum and your healing team, and let’s do some work!



  • Uncovering our Enlightened essence in 3 stages.

Clearing the self

Opening the heart

Living in the magic

This is a very interactive workshop. Various QI Gong and meditative practices

Will be utilized. Using the pendulum and other subtle sensing techniques will be included.