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Harold Sexson

@ Natures Oils

Geopathic Zones in Your Home

All things have an “Energy Field”. We will take readings of “fields”, both human and non-human.  We will determine the influences.  We will cover common techniques to make the “energy field” larger.  The larger the “Energy Field”, the stronger it is.  This will be an overall evaluation (other than of an auric or non-physical body). A fun way to evaluate and “Measure the Energy Field of Everything”!

Harold Sexson has been a Dowser since 1984 and is also Certified Biofeedback Therapist, Aroma Therapist and Retired Engineer.  He has worked in mind dynamics for over 30 years including hypnosis, psychology and natural laws.   His background in engineering and aerospace gives a unique perspective to earth energies and the whole person.  He owns Natures Oils, LLC which offers energized natural essential oils and blends. He uses his Dowsing for clearing geopathic zones from homes. He also offers Quantum Biofeedback, which includes the use of computer fields, oils, affirmative statements and Biofeedback to uplift emotional states to a more positive life setting, bringing people into balance.  Contact: 480-998-9055, 16663 N. Paradox Dr. Fountain Hills, AZ 85268, Email at [email protected], Website: www.naturesoils.net