Fri., July 5th___9:00 – 10:15____Harold Sexson____Geopathic Zones in Your Home___ Room 201

Geopathic Zones and Health


This talk demonstrates how to check your home for geopathic zones of all types.

Many times it has been shown that health problem for some persons are either caused by or negatively affected by these conditions. Most of these problems can be remedied by using dowsing (preferably “L” rods) and a blocker of these zones.  The blocker I use is an ‘Omega sign’.   These conditions can also affect the saleability of homes, especially those individuals that sense something “feels wrong” in the home but can not put their finger on it.  

Basic dowsing techniques will be shown to correct the geopathic zones. This has some correlation with Feng Shui techniques.

Not all living spaces have geopathic zones, but a simple check can be relieving.