Sun., July 3rd__2:00 PM__Seann Xenja__How to use Natural Crystal and Mineral Energy Grids__Room 175

How to use natural crystal and mineral energy grids to support your vision, life purpose, projects, and well-being, including

  • How crystal forms and qualities generate and affect energy flow
  • Basic crystal grid styles (in corners or lot boundary points, building, house, room, around body, chair, mini, travel, personal)
  • Hands on grid creation experience


Seann Xenja Bio

Natural Crystal and Feng Shui expert Seann Xenja, based in Sebastopol, California, provides site analyses worldwide. A construction and design professional, he has an MA in Education, a BA in Psychology, and is a senior student and disciple of the Legendary Feng Shui Grand Master Lin Yun.

Beginning his consulting practice in 1989, and Seann became one of the first Western Feng Shui teachers in 1990, and co-creator of the first professional Feng Shui Practitioner training program in 1992. Following many Practitioner Trainings, events, and classes throughout the US, in 1995 he began teaching and consulting throughout South .

In 1998, Seann was invited to teach professional trainings and provide consultations in Brazil. This gave him the perfect opportunity to learn about natural crystals

Through his Feng Shui work with clients, crystal friends, and associates over the past 18 years, Seann developed Crystal Energy Feng Shui (CEFS), which uses the power, energy, and unique qualities of natural crystals to balance, harmonize, and adjust living and working environments. It is a complete, intuitive, system for maximizing prosperity, well being, and success with simplicity, elegance, and efficiency.