Sat., July 6th__2:00 – 3:15 PM__Ted Dawson__Tales of Dov Nadel & Harold Green ___1st Floor

Tales of Dov Nadel  & Harold Green

Dov Nadel & Harold Green were among the more interesting dowsers.  Now both Sky Dowsers, Ted will tell stories of how they impacted his life in very inspiring ways.

Ted Dawson learned about herbs from my Native American great grandmother and obtained a degree in herbology from Global College of Natural Medicine in 2008, one of five master’s degrees.  He also holds degrees from San Jose State in jewelry, gold and silver smithing (1972); MERRIL College UCSC Health Educator (1989); Chico State Ethnobotany (2000), where he wrote a paper on the 23 plants his ancestors used; American Blade Smith master blade smith (2011).  In 2008 Ted opened Turtle Bay Museum with an exhibit that is still ongoing.  Contributed to the book Journey to Justice, and has published articles in “Enjoy” and “Shasta Edibles” magazines.   For over three decades he’s been a ceremonial leader for the Norrelmuk Wintu people. He was commissioned by the United States World Cup to design and manufacture jewelry for the race in Australia and then in Santa Barbera. Ted has spoken before numerous groups, including Nor Cal Dowsers and the West Coast Dowsers Conference.