Sue Whittaker

@ DeTOXalot

Susan Whittaker is a bridge between two cultures: today’s fields of science and technology (e. g. being celebrated by Steve Jobs for her use of computers in education) and growing up around ancient, ancestral humanism (e. g. an isolated group of Alaska Natives).  As Sue integrates these diverse perspectives and life experiences, she formulates unique insights and concepts.  By applying shamanic traditions to the principles of energy medicine, she invented non-consumable supplements.  She formulates these to help people avoid degenerative diseases caused by neurotoxins, using proprietary, 5th generation MRI technology.
Sue has written 17 books on dowsing for medical professionals and the general public.  Her latest book is the Guide to Crystal Therapy, with 1,111 crystals and their 2,700 uses.  Sue is nearly done with two doctorates focused on the interface between energy and matter and the interconnectedness of quantum physics and metaphysics.  She is certified in and practices nearly 20 healing modalities. For 5 years she has been teaching people how to dowse and use energy medicine.  She is very psychic and telepathic.