Sharon Mahany

@ Niece of Robert Wade-Mahany

Know Your Energy the Human Design Way

Let’s talk energy centers! Ever wish your “human self” came with an instruction manual, a blueprint of your soul and life purpose? Ever wonder why your energy gets depleted or increased when you are around certain people? Notice how easily fears or emotions creep in? Ever get bitter or frustrated at not being seen or heard? Empathic much? Why are some relationships tougher than others? Time or love challenged? These are all real energy dilemmas explained by Human Design. More than chakras, more than quantum, energy psychology, i-Ching, Kabbalah, astrology, and numerology. Human Design is a synthesis of modern and ancient archetypes that point to who you came here to be, doing what you came here to do. Learn simple, crucial personal energy strategies from long-time dowser and Human Design teacher, Sharon Mahany, that could change your life! For MORE FUN bring a printed chart from


Sharon Mahany was introduced to dowsing as a child through her uncle, Robert Wade-Mahany, who pioneered an emotional/past life query system to get to the root of healing. A member of Sierra Dowsers for 19 years, and past editor for ASD Digest, Sharon works as a teacher and life coach to create ideal health and well-being. She began her Human Design experiment in 2012, and also practices Reiki, Emotional Processing, Tuning Forks and Crop Circle Poetry. Sharon teaches classes on Meetup through Bright Heart Transformation. Contact Sharon at 916-759-2043 or by email at [email protected]