Sharon Mahany

@ Niece of Robert Wade-Mahany

Crop Circle Manifestation

Follow the personal journey of a poet who seems to attract crop circles to her work. Not knowing much about crop circles, Sharon  became a little weirded out, curious and then fascinated. She wanted to know what was going on. How was it that crop circles seemed to come to her attention in right timing to be illustrations of her poems? Was there some sort of meaning behind this phenomenon? Sharon will share some theories of manifestation and resonance, and then lead the group in a dowsing manifestation process based on quantum physics, dowsing and intention.

Dowsing Your Belief Garden

Dowsing charts can help you focus your intent and give structure to your query statements. In this class we will pendulum dowse a virtual “garden of emotions,” plucking out weeds to allow your full potential to blossom. Learn ways that emotions have composed your belief systems or visa versa and then chart dowse to balance the energy.

Sharon will share her passion of the Human Design personality profiling system and explain common fear themes of the six Lines. The group will dowse to clear the fear beliefs that most affect them. Imagine clearing a sense of abandonment to gain a perspective of security.  We will explore themes of confidence, harmony, curiosity, beingness, authenticity and authority in this fun, engaging experience. Participants receive a Belief Garden worksheet and time to practice.

Sharon Mahany has been a member of Sierra Dowsers in Sacramento, CA for 16 years.  Sharon strongly believes that our emotional baggage and misconstrued mindset contribute as source to many of our pain, struggle and illness issues. To relieve this stress is a divine act and human birthright.  Sharon works as a Teacher and Lifecoach using Human Design, Reiki, Emotional Processing, bioenergetic tuning forks, and of course, dowsing. Sharon is a poet and crop circle appreciator. Sharon teaches classes at Contact Sharon at 916-759-2043 or by email at [email protected].