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A KEYNOTE SPEAKER Richard Feather Anderson

Founder @ American School of Geomancy

All Day Advanced School (Thursday, July 4th) 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Geomantic Ways to Create Labyrinths

Richard Feather Anderson will share (for the first time ever at a dowsing conference school!) his knowledge from 40 years of developing a unique metaphysical approach to the siting, orienting, and laying out of traditional Labyrinth designs on the ground. Don’t miss this special opportunity to learn experientially this pioneering geomantic dowser’s ways to “midwife” the birth of a labyrinth for the conference, in collaboration with Mother Earth and the Spirit of Place.

Participants will become aware of the three vital information dowsing questions to add to your process – before asking “Where is the best place to put this Labyrinth?“ This will be part of transforming your relationship with labyrinths by shifting away from thinking of them as physical objects – toward something that is alive and conscious, which Feather calls the “Labyrinth Entity.” This approach will also reveal how to fill a Labyrinth with Divine Love from its inception, by manifesting it out of a blissful, attuned meditative state.

Discover the geometer’s secrets for how to enlarge the center, so that walkers are received into a womb-like space, instead of an abrupt dead end. Practice drawing the labyrinth, using several different procedures, to understand the patterns in the design to be able to step up to a Labyrinth Builder’s level of understanding.

We will spend the morning learning the things that are different about this geomantic approach to labyrinth creation, as preparation for laying out an ancient Seven-Circuit Labyrinth on the ground for the use of conference participants. Much of what you will learn in this advanced school can also be applied to other geomantic dowsing searches for the most appropriate spots for all human activities or structures.

Bio: Richard Feather Anderson is an internationally recognized pioneer in the revival of geomancy, Feng Shui, sacred geometry, and labyrinths. He conducted a seminal research project on the effects of walking labyrinths at ASD’s WCC from 1986 to 1989. He designed the labyrinths at San Francisco’s Grace Cathedral, which helped spread their use into religious communities worldwide. He has employed his interdisciplinary knowledge to create optimum settings for the “labyrinth experience.” He generously shares his knowledge with passion and humor.