Peter Fairfield

CEO @ Tara Center for Health & Happiness

Peter Fairfield LAc, is a medical intuitive, acupuncturist and teacher of
Asian medicine for over 50 years. He specializes in, meditation, Qigong
and transformational practices with a focus on Asian Medical Psychiatry
and spiritual opening.
For over seven years he operated a clinic in a Tibetan town in Nepal. He
learned from many powerful Lamas and yogis.
Using advanced techniques of Pulse Diagnosis, Peter was able to study
the effects of their spiritual practices. He has done long retreats in the
Himalayas, China and India.
Those experiences are incorporated into his clinical work and writing. He

is recognized as a reincarnation of Ngakpa Yeshe Gyatso and is Swami
Premanand in the Auro Valley lineage.
His European and American seminars are widely attended. He was the
acupuncturist at the Esalen Institute, as well as toured with Pink Floyd
and other professionals. He enjoys working with musicians, performers,
and artists of all formats, founded an acupuncture school and has done
hundreds of radio programs and tv interviews. He works in person and on
the phone, to relieve trauma and to rewire clients for the creative and
inspiring life they want to live.
His brand new novel “Deep Into The Fire” is available at, Amazon and your local bookstore. The audiobook is
on AUDIBLE and ITUNES. He is also the author of the international best