@ Ophelia The Mystic Muse

“Ophelia offers more than 30 years of seeking, healing, acquiring, teaching and evolving spiritual awareness through diverse and expansive experiences, along with her unique abilities of perceiving information to reveal patterns and hidden information, inter and interconnected within everyday life, relationships, health and lineage issues,  providing the client the keys for greater understanding of Self.

Ophelia’s gifts, talents, and knowledge include Lemurian Reiki Master Teacher, Life Alchemist, and Coach, Ordained Minister, Intuitive, Psychic, Initiate of Ancient Mystery Schools, Shamanic and Goddess Wisdoms, Intra-Energetic Alignment and Crystal Sound Practitioner, Teacher and Guide of 21st Century Psychologies, Artist, Writer, Dancer, Television & Theater Producer, Facilitator of Cooperative Leadership workshops.

Former experience as Business Owner/Manager in Travel Wholesale industry (before Internet.) From 1987 – 1995 specializing in Central American and Mexico – Mayan Archeology and Spirituality, Ecology and Natural History. From 1996 – 2001 – Administration and Executive Director of Federal-funded, Not-for-Profit, Social Service Programs in Missouri and Colorado. Hospitality and Restaurant business experiences,  in 1994, Owner/Manager of first metaphysical bookstore/café in Nebraska.