Michelle Ann Hobart

@ Chakra Balancing

Chakra Diagnostics & Rebalancing with Pendulum Dowsing

Join Michelle for an enlivening workshop on working with pendulum dowsing in combination with sound healing to assess and clear the Chakra System. Using overtones to clear and rebalance the Chakras, and pendulum work to determine the diameter, flow, and spin of the energies before and after, we can receive clarity around the underlying processes and patterns. Overtones reconnect our energy system to the frequency of nature, and rebalance us holistically. Come explore this technique and receive a group sound healing as well! See you there!

Bio: Michelle Anne Hobart, MA, SEC, AMFT is a Spiritual Emergence Coach, energy healer, and Associate Marriage and Family Therapist. She co-facilitates “ Awakening Healers ,” a Spiritual Emergence course with Kyle Buller. She also offers individual and group therapy, and leads community wellness workshops and retreats.
Her newest course “Energy Sovereignty and Psychic Ethics” will be opening a new cohort this Fall. Michelle graduated from the Integral Counseling Psychology program at CIIS in May 2018, finished her second book,  Holding Sacred Space  in February 2020, and she is in awe of the beautiful opportunities to support
others that the Universe provides her through writing, being a therapist, and her energy healing modalities.
You can learn more at creatingsacredspacewithmichelle.com