Kalena Luxon

@ Crystal Vortex

Kalenas jewelry design is at the heart of Crystal Vortex. It all evolved from her personal experience with her first crystal pendant. That crystal influenced her life in ways she never dreamed. At that point, Kalena felt the desire to share the love and joy that changed her life with others. She has been wrapping gems and mineral specimens for over 32 years and has made dear friends around the world with her unique vortex designs.Crystal Vortex Jewelry Designs offers a wide variety of transformational tools for the body, mind, and spirit. Crystal Vortex carries over one hundred varieties of gems and mineral specimens, geodes, crystal balls, tumbled stones, medicine bags, white sage hand picked by native American Indians, tuning forks, dowsing tools and books. All pendants are hand made for each client allowing them to choose their stone, wire and necklace makeup. All materials are 100% natural and created for the client by Kalena herself, allowing them to be an integral part of their new piece of wearable art. Kalena’s Creations are for Harmonizing men, women, children, pets and the home and office.