Joe Wippich Portrait Image in Purple Glasses

Joachim (Joe) Wippich

@ Harmony

Intuitive Dowsing

I AM inviting myself to come into Harmony with my own Disharmony is a sample of the type of statements Joachim uses to ensure dowsing accuracy. My Higher Self invites so-and-so’s Higher Self to come into Harmony with their own Disharmony. Joachim is well known for his Harmony Updates.

Rethinking Dowsing

Join Joachim Wippich as he explores the different factors that can influence dowsing results. Steps to harmonize the dowser by securing their resonance will be discussed in the effort to ensure dowsing accuracy. Your evolutionary number, the concept of rethinking, I AM affirmations, and the idea that everything is thoughts, are some of the advanced topics Joachim will cover. An opportunity to ask questions and see practical application of Joachim’s unique approach to dowsing will be provided. Don’t miss the rare opportunity to experience Joachim’s teachings live and be in his presence.

Joachim Wippich is an Electro-Mechanical Engineer whose many inventions and innovations have made this world a better place.  His problem solving expertise has aided in the design of dowsing tools, as well as discovering methods to better understand the dowsing process. He brings with him  great wisdom and insight to the universe at large.  His classes are not to be missed.