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Science, Subtle Energies, and Dowsing:  A  Path to I AM

Subtle energies are being used to create BG3 and 3-6-8 fields using GANS (Gas in the Nano State), symbols and disc magnets.  The fields they create have similarities suggesting the common nature of GANS and magnets. The balancing effect on the elements within the field, produce the harmony vibrational effect known as BG3.  The causative factor for BG3 using GANS and magnets would be their gravitational and magnetic effects on elements within their field which is caused by their vortex/torus structure.

We learned that the fields of BG3 or 3-6-9 can be copied permanently with thought.  These energies can be copied onto different materials (stone, wood, cotton, paper).   Water placed on these energies which have been copied can be used to activate/structure water and used for healing and harmonizing purposes.  Kinetics of water activation were studied.  The implication is that we are more than just a body and that our true essence is I AM.

In this presentation, a new source of very high levels of BG3 and 3-6-9 will also be introduced.

The Science of BioGeometry

Jerry Gin, Ph.D. Chairman/CEO of the Foundation for Mind-Being Research (FMBR)

BioGeometry is a science which offers a solution to harmonize negative energies in the environment, such as  electromagnetic fields (EMF) from our cell phones and cell towers and from microbes in the air and water and pesticides in our foods.

BioGeometry combines Pythagorean harmonics, history of architecture, Ancient Egyptian temple science, German and French Physical Radiesthesia to form a modern “Physics of Quality” as the basis of the science.  Dr. Ibrahim Karim, founder of BioGeometry, built upon this foundation and found the energies, which contribute to health in biological beings. He defines the BioGeometry as “the science of establishing harmony between biological fields and their environment, through the use of a design language of form, color, motion and sound.” Dr. Karim discovered that higher harmonics of 3 energy qualities, that he called BG3, were beneficial to health of humans, animals and plants.  He discovered ways to create these energies and studied the beneficial effects of the energies on diseases such as hepatitis C, on reversing EMF sensitivity, growing plants without pesticides, raising chickens without use of antibiotics, and lowering leucocytes in cow’s milk.

The Science of BioGeometry will explain the fundamentals of this marvelous science.

Biography: Jerry Gin has spent more than 50 years in the pharmaceutical, diagnostic, laboratory medicine, and biotechnology industries. Passionate interests: mind-being, consciousness, the nature of reality.  Chairman/CEO of the Foundation for Mind-Being Research ( Author: The Seeker and The Teacher of Light; Science, Subtle Energies, and Spirituality: A Path to I AM.  See  Ph.D. in Biochemistry – UC Berkeley, MBA – Loyola, BS  -U of Ariz

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My passionate interests are in the areas of mind-being: consciousness, healing, spirituality, and all other related topics. I firmly believe that exposing and educating more of the population to the world of consciousness/mind-being will help raise the level of consciousness and thus produce a better society.

Jerry Gin, a scientist by training and temperament, has spent more than 40 years in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. He has founded a number of companies such as ChemTrak, Oculex Pharmaceuticals, Livionex, Nuvora, and Visionex. For more than 20 years, his passionate interests have been in the areas of mind-being, consciousness, and the nature of reality. He is the Chairman of the Foundation for Mind-Being Research.