Jan Wakefield Darvas

@ Healer, Life Coach

Energy hygiene: Maintain optimal health, wealth, and relationships through biofield clearing

The act of dowsing invariably impacts the energy field that surrounds the physical body. Also known as the biofield, our energy field needs the same level of care as the physical body, but most people have never even heard of it. The physical body accumulates surface dirt that requires us to shower daily, and the energy field accumulates “dirty” energy from people, places, and experiences that requires daily maintenance. Without frequent and thorough energy field clearing, the accumulation of outside energies in our own biofield eventually limits our ability to attract the optimal health, wealth, and relationships we want. Energy hygiene: Maintain optimal health, wealth, and relationships workshop defines the biofield, explains how the biofield communicates what we need to the universe, and gives people practical skills to effectively clear dark, negative, or limiting energies that accumulate in the biofield.

Jan Wakefield is an educator, healer, mentor, and life coach for thousands of people worldwide. She helps coaches, speakers, and others maintain physical vitality through energy clearing and self-care. Her international retreats focus on increasing joy in people’s lives by helping them reconnect to life’s pleasures. She also is a university professor and holds multiple degrees and certificates.