Grahame Gardner

Founder @ Western Geomancy

Talk: The Cochno Stone and Glasgow’s Secret Geometry  Click here to register for the live stream of this class

Archaeologists, Astronomy, and Alignments

This talk looks at prehistoric rock art – cup and ring marks, petroglyphs and so on – and how it connects to the landscape and the heavens above. Using examples from Scotland and elsewhere, we’ll question the significance of these ancient markings. Could they be recording astronomical events like eclipses, maps of landscape or even star maps?  Archaeologist Ludovic McLellan Mann certainly thought so, when he claimed that the extraordinary rock art panel of the Cochno Stone, just outside Glasgow, was an accurate map of the heavens. His work still resonates down the decades, inspiring field archaeologist Harry Bell, who mapped out the leys of the Glasgow Network of Aligned Sites in the 1980s. Grahame has carried this same baton for some 40 years and has now decided it’s time to do something with it. Come and dowse some leys with me!


Workshop: (At least) 10 ways you can space-clear your home

Space-clearing is an ancient practice found in many cultural traditions and seeks to balance and enhance the energies within our home and create within it a sanctuary that nurtures our spirit. Based on the premise that everything has consciousness, it allows us to talk to our home and establish a working relationship with it. In this fun and experiential workshop, we look at the development of space clearing techniques through the ages and explore several different techniques that we can use to harmonise our living space.

Led by geomancer Grahame Gardner from Scotland.


Grahame has been dowsing professionally for over 20 years and specialises mostly in geopathic stress work and electromagnetic surveying of properties, and the design and creation of sacred spaces. He is a Professional Member, Registered Tutor and Past President of the British Society of Dowsers and a regular presenter and workshop leader at international conferences. Grahame is also a member of the Canadian and American dowsing societies, a founder member of The Geomancy Group, and is co-chair (with Susan Collins) of International Dowsers, dedicated to fostering greater links between British and North American dowsing techniques.
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