Gary Plapp

@ NASA Dowser

Dowsing Beyond the World of Appearances

We live in a multidimensional existence where consciousness plays an important role in dowsing and how we interface with the world. Dowsing consciousness allows us to delve into the depths of dimensionality and explore new realms. Gary will introduce techniques to access higher levels of information such as interfacing with portals, vortexes, crop circles, Ley Lines, sacred sites, ethic beings and even people’s auras. Possibilities abound simply by opening to a shift in consciousness and accepting new paradigms. Gary will conduct real time exercises to facilitate expanded dowsing and awareness.



Gary was introduced to dowsing at age 14 and began professional dowsing with mentor Bill Cox in 1971. He is also a proficient dowsing instructor, speaker, writer, inventor, workshop leader, tour guide, and earth energy researcher.  In 1985 Gary expanded his work as a multi-sensory channel and reader. He conducts water/mineral dowsing and earth energy – environmental corrections for homes and businesses. Gary also conducts archaeological dowsing at sacred sites around the world including Africa, Europe, Latin America and the US.  Gary has been an aerospace-research electrical engineer and scientist for 40 years, most recently at NASA – Ames Research Center. He is the founder and president of the Los Lunas ‘Willow Benders’ Dowsing Chapter of New Mexico.

Email: [email protected]