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DaNell Boerup


I have always been intrigued about energy healing, consciousness, and health. In 1997 while raising my 5 children, I embarked on some extraordinary classes with people who were far ahead of their time in energy healing. I learned to be very proficient with Radionics, Dowsing, Rapid Eye Therapy, Tapping and several other modalities.

I discovered that I could only go so far with these techniques and that frustrated me. Over the next few decades, I kept open to learning and experiencing new shifts. I tried many different modalities out there.

In 2019 I went through a difficult life experience that left me feeling dazed, depressed and full of self-doubt. I was having hours of racing, repetitive, and looping thoughts. They were hard to stop, and I was stuck in my head. All that changed within the next few short months. I learned how to go through those invisible imbalances. Others noticed my new confidence too. I could shine my light, my skills, and show up for myself.

I support people on their self-discovery and healing journey to find the clarity and transformation they have been searching for. I assist you to bridge the unknown to the known, unconscious to conscious with physical, emotional, mental and spiritual results.

I brings over 30 years of experience in various energy diagnostics and treatments to be able to focus the sessions through dowsing, charts, intuition and breakthroughs. I assist you in re-writing your thought patterns and in improving your well being, health, and life journey.

DaNell is currently an Advanced MAP (Make Anything Possible) practitioner and a Master Dowser. Former EMC2 facilitator, Rapid Eye Therapy practitioner, mother of 5, grandmother of 16, and a proficient country 2-step dancer.




Dowsing + SuperConscious = Healing


DaNell will share how she applies the intuition received from Dowsing Charts to make lasting results in someone’s life, health, and well-being?  Learn about your SuperConscious and how tapping into your intuition/SuperConscious can affect you and your client’s, even when they are across the country or around the world.  SuperConscious can neutralize or delete imbalances and memories.  It’s simple and very powerful.


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