Brandon Dey


“Divining for Physical Ascension”
In this presentation, Brandon will demystify and put in the most basic terms, the Art of Ascension, giving useful and practical tools to dowsing/divining practitioners of all levels.  The information given will assist you in finding any views, beliefs and ideas that may be holding you back from Being All that You Are, as well as prepare you for what lies ahead on the journey of Physical Ascension.

Biography: Twenty years ago, as a young dowser, Brandon had become proficient in several forms of pendulum dowsing.  Still, it bothered him that it wasn’t an absolutely 100% reliable science.  He noted that the answers he sometimes received did not prove to be accurate.  Enter Wiley Brooks, his late teacher and Spiritual Father.

Under Wiley’s tutelage, Brandon has developed and mastered Quantum Divining, transforming the way the world approaches divining sciences as well as Reality itself.

With Quantum Divining, Brandon continues to diligently resolve the largest questions and problems within the Dowsing/Divining and Metaphysical communities at large.  He passionately teaches this revolutionary and provocative scientific system, approaching all earthly and spiritual problems with the Mind of a Child.