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Barney Turner

Orgone Generator @ Basic Dowsing School Director

Barney Turner has been dowsing for decades and is in charge of our beginning dowsing school

What you need to know to dowse a Water Well

What dowsing tools do you need? How do you let your subconscious mind (dowsing system) know what you’re looking for. Walt Woods’s program and chart. Barney Turner protocol of Water Well How and where can you practice? How large is the property? Is it walkable? Is there a plot plan? Address? Is it on goggle Earth? Communication with your client is really important, what you are going to do and how your rods work. Talking to your tools out loud is important, why? Using your rods to point directions for the best place to  drill for all the client’s needs for Primary water, After locating a drill spot get your clients involved by letting them use your L-rods to try. Give them a set of L­ rods to try and keep.                             Dowsing the property on a computer screen first with your L-rods can save time and lot of walking. Also keep from missing a good source of  water on the property. Why is direction of flow important? What is the advantage of drilling where two streams cross? Is it important to know the name of the driller?

GPM to the surface and depth?

Barney Turner: Vice-President of www.NorCalDowsers.com

Speaker, Teacher, well dowser, house and business clearing, Negative energy removal

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