Abeer El-Sayed

@ Heavenly Energy Healing

Born in Egypt, raised in Saudi Arabia, and currently living in the United States, Abeer has traveled through far ends of the globe – she has also experienced unique cultures throughout, which has made her compassionate and understanding toward people from all walks of life.

As a kid, she knew that she was destined for something far bigger than herself. She used to interpret dreams, prophesy, and somewhat look into other dimensions. This wasn’t much of a surprise though, as she has come from a long line of strong individuals hailing all the way from Ancient Egypt. She knew that she was destined for more, so she sought others like her.

While looking for a “cure” for her digestive issues, Abeer stumbled upon a healer in Mexico. This healer was one of the first people to introduce her to what it was like to heal “holistically,” and so the digestive issues she had been suffering from were now gone – just like that, she was ‘magically’ healed.

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