Tues., July 5th__10:45 AM__MaryAnn & Steve Orsary__Talking with Your Body: Compassionate Dowsing Conversations to Promote Healing__Room 175

Talking with Your Body: Compassionate Dowsing Conversations to Promote Healing

If your body could talk, what would it say? What would you ask it?  The body consciousness knows everything that is going on with it, and remembers everything that has ever happened to it. It has access to information that the conscious mind cannot see. It recognizes pictures of molecular diagrams and can say exactly where in the digestive process things might not be working as well as they might. It knows if neurotransmitters are being synthesized accurately, at what age they went offline and what the trauma or emotional disconnect might have been.

Using dowsing to ask questions about what is going on in the body yields treasure troves of information about causes, trigger points and resolutions. We will talk about how it works, address the different levels of consciousness within each person, offer practical examples, and do demonstrations working with volunteers who attend. Bring your questions, individual concerns, and participate in the healing process!