Mon., July 4th__10:45 AM__Clare Hedin ___Sound & Energy: Dowse Your Life__Room 150

Sound & Energy: Dowse Your Life

Sound is like any medicine – it can do many things for you. One thing it can help you with is dowsing for your own future. Using new techniques in this experiential workshop, Clare will demonstrate (and you will try out) different ways to look at a problem and even change the problem, unlock its ‘tight spots’ and create a whole new perspective for yourself that amplifies the wonderful energy of insight and your natural connection to spirit and play. You can also use sound to amplify things you already know you want. It’s all about liberating yourself to the exciting energy of your own freedom to manifest creatively!

She will also introduce her newest creations with you, her paintings of the energy of manifestation in action; energy orbs! They are fun, they are healing, and they inspire your joyful creativity! These energetic qualities are essential tools for positive manifestation.